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WE ARE DDAY34 Studio CREATIVE THE FIGURE MAKERS! We believe that there is a story behind every toy. It could be a milestone, a brand, a personality or a historical pride,.. delivered through each sophisticated detail. Sharing the same belief, 34 human of DDAY34 Studio, who once were only figure collectors with passion in sculpting, early exposed to 3D technology and finally decided to gather as one to kickstart our toys journey. An idea from scratch, we can turn it into reality. But we don't just make toys, we help you tell your story through every masterpiece.
We quality evaluation. typically a supervisor or someone from the DDAY34 Studio scores a Figures interaction based on key criteria defined in a quality form. The quality and materials of the Figures through a Ranking system Forming Materials [Bronze] : 78% > PVC ] [Silver] : 51% > ABS + 20% PVC] [Gold]: 70% > ABS + 6% Resin,PU 5% PVC ] [DIAMOND] : 70% > RESIN + 11% PU,ABS,POLY]
Features : Easy formability-- Wide range of applications --Toughness --Shiny surface --Smooth surface --Resin figures are figures made from resin, a compound which hardens to a resilient, strong material with treatment. Natural or synthetic resins can be used to make the figures, and resin is a very RARE molding and modeling material. Resin takes dyes well, allowing people to make colored resin figures, and it can also be painted, varnished, or otherwise treated. Finished figures are durable and relatively lightweight, in contrast with figures cast in materials like ceramic. Typically resins are divided into thermosets and thermoplastics based on whether or not the hardening reaction can be reversed. Widely used thermoplastic resins include ABS, polyethylene, polystyrene, and polycarbonate. Most common thermoset resins are polyester, vinyl ester, epoxy, and polyurethane,Resin is the best material for creating Figures.
Shipments using our EMS Mail method (previously referred to as bulk shipping) will have a period after they have shipped, but won't immediately show a tracking number. This is normal! You will receive your tracking number, as well as be able to see it in your Orders page after your items have arrived in the US and have been passed off to UPS.
Products that are currently in stock will ship within 2-4 business days. Special Order products such as bearbrick or Doll will ship after they are produced or supplied to us from our supplier. The amount of time needed for your Special Order products may vary depending upon the item. You will receive a shipment confirmation email when your product(s) ship. Most products ship within 2-4 business days, but may take longer should unforeseen delays occur. Please note that shipments being shipped by EMS Mail can take 2-8 DAYS before they are shipped. This is because your items will be packed in bulk with other shipments in a single container before departing Japan or another country .
We are unable to reroute packages that have already been shipped. Please contact your local post office immediately to request re-route of the package. If they are unable to reroute your package and you cannot retrieve it, it will be returned to one of the DDay34 warehouses, in Japan or elsewhere, depending on where your package was shipped. initial. This process takes more than 35days to resolve before we can ship you a new package.
TTo change your shipping address, please visit Your Orders page and press the “Change Shipping Address” button on the left side of the page. This will enable you to input new address information. The button will disappear if the shipment is already being processed, at which time it is no longer possible to change the shipping address. Please also be aware that the “Change Shipping Address” function can only be used with the web browser version of the DDAY34 STORE; it is not available on our mobile web browser version . If you wish to change the shipping name or country for a package, please contact us as soon as possible. Any relevant details you can share about the reason for changing the shipping name and/or country will enable us to process your request quicker. Kindly note that emailing us to change an address does not guarantee address change. Address change is not completed until you receive email confirmation from an agent that has handeled your request. If you have an in-stock item, we suggest canceling the order via your orders page so that it puts the item on hold, and then emailing us. Thank you.
Any product that can be shipped to the United States can also be sent to a US military address. To ensure that your package is shipped as quickly and smoothly as possible, please follow the instructions below: First choose the United States as the country of your shipping address. Then select the correct Armed Forces location from the bottom of the state dropdown menu (Armed Forces Europe, Armed Forces Pacific, etc.).
It is the responsibility of the customer to keep their item addresses updated and to check their order confirmation email to make sure their item is going to the correct address after ordering. You are able to change the shipping address for your DDAY34 STORE orders yourself. You can also email us to change your address before your item hits "Shipping Soon" stage. If you need to change the shipping name or country, you must email us to do so. Please know that REFUNDS ARE NOT PROVIDED to shipments that were SHIPPED to old or incorrect addresses provided by the DDAY34 Store User. IMPORTANT: You can only change your address if your item is in a state before "ordered". Once your shipment hits "Shipping Soon", it is not possible for us to change your address. All orders have a 2 hour period before automatically moved to our shipping queue, we ask that users please check their order page and order confirmation to make sure shipping information is correct after ordering.
Shipping times vary by location and shipping method. Please refer to the table below for more detailed information. EMS : 12 to 14 Days US Standard Shipping : 10 to 14 Days ---- International Shipping (Europe - Canada - Asia) 12 to 15 Days
To request a cancellation, please visit Your Orders page and press the “Request Cancellation” button on the left side of the shipment you wish to cancel. Doing so will stop your shipment. We will contact you at the email address linked to your DDAY34 STORE account within a few business days to finalize the cancellation. If you wish to cancel only part of a shipment, please contact us immediately, rather than using the “Request Cancellation” button. Please also be aware that the “Request Cancellation” function can only be used with the web browser version of the DDAY34 Store; it is not available on our mobile web browser version .
Depending on your country’s customs laws, you may be required to pay a tax before obtaining your package. In some areas, such as the United Kingdom and France, the local postal service may charge an extra handling fee for processing packages affected by customs taxes. Customs taxes and any possible handling fees are not included in the Grand Total of your order. DDAY34 Store neither requests nor receives this money and is unable to control the amount.
Yes. All credit card transactions are proccessed via a reliable third-party payment system. Your information is never stored on DDAY34 servers. We never know your credit card information.
An order containing regular, in-stock products can be canceled if the items have not yet been prepared for shipment. Please note that your refund will not include any promotions or discounts applied to your order.
We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express credit cards and debit cards. We also accept PayPal, and some prepaid cards, such as Visa gift cards. In order to reduce those afflicted by fraud, we have security measures in place for all payments processed with a credit card. If your billing address does not match your shipping address, the shipment of your package might be delayed or your order might be canceled and refunded. Such orders can be repurchased using a credit card with no mismatched information.
It is not possible to change the size, color, or version of a product you have already ordered. If you have ordered a regular, in-stock product and you would prefer a different size, color, or version, it may be possible to cancel your order. Please use the Request Cancellation button on your Orders page or contact us immediately to prevent the original item from shipping. You can then place a new order for your preferred version of the product. However, discounts and promotions (such as Free Shipping) applied to the canceled product will not apply when it is re-ordered.
PLEASE -- If you think something may be wrong with your package: Take pictures before opening, and Open it with a post office representative present, if possible. If the item inside was broken, please file a damage report with your local post office. Once you have signed the applicable document and received a copy, please forward a scan of it to us. We will then be able to file for insurance compensation with Japan Post. If your parcel was shipped with DHL, please contact us as soon as possible with a clear picture showing both the damage and the paper invoice/shipping label. Our shop will contact DHL to file for compensation. Please do not throw away the shipping documents (invoice, shipping label) until the problem is solved.
Please contact us within 1 week from the delivery date and include: a detailed explanation of the problem, a clear, close-up photo of the defective part a clear photo of the defective part together with the paper invoice/shipping label. keep the item box, in case an exchange is necessary We will get back to you as soon as possible with a solution. Please understand that it may take us a few days to respond to your claim, as we will need to consult with management. We cannot provide resolution to any claims if the photo received does not include the shipping label or the paper invoice. In some cases we are also able to assist you through our live chat, which is open from Mon-Fri
If you feel your order is taking too long to reach you (over 4 weeks for EMS, or 2 months for Air and SAL), please have your parcel's tracking/delivery confirmation number ready and make an inquiry at your local post office about its delivery status. Your parcel may be waiting at the post office undelivered or may be in customs at the port of entry. EMS/Registered shipments cannot be delivered until a signature is obtained from the recipient. Unregistered shipments, however, can be left outside. Please look for an Undeliverable Shipment notice in your mail box. The notice should tell you where and until when you can pick up your package. If the post office was unable to deliver the package due to some fault of the customer (wrong address/undeliverable package) and was returned to us, we will contact you to arrange reshipment. Please note that all shipping fees related to a returned order require payment by the customer. Please note that SAL shipments are sent via surface mail once inside their destination country. If you live in a large country (notably the U.S., Canada, Australia, Brazil, Russia and Mexico), SAL packages may take several days/weeks to be transported within their destination country. If you feel you have waited long enough but your parcel still cannot be located, please contact us first instead of opening PayPal disputes or filing chargebacks with your credit card company. We will do our best to resolve any problems that may arise, but PayPal disputes and chargebacks will slow down our process for a prompt and amicable settlement.
Some countries may require that packages be opened during customs inspections. Unfortunately, there is nothing our store can do to prevent this and we cannot be held responsible for the actions of customs officials. Please be advised that we cannot provide compensation or exchanges for any items lost, seized, or damaged during customs inspections.
Yes, we can re-ship your items when they return to our warehouse. We will contact customers once their package returns to our warehouse to arrange reshipment or refund if the items are no longer wanted. If you wish to update your shipping address or shipping method, please reply to the "Returned Order Notice" email with your updated shipping address or shipping method. Packages may be returned to us because they remained unclaimed beyond their retention period, the wrong address was specified, etc. 【Important notes】 Packages may take longer to return to us even if they were initially shipped with EMS, as return shipments are not considered a priority. Items will be re-shipped in the same condition as they were when received at our warehouse. Postage fees for initial delivery are non-refundable. Re-shipment fees would be required to be paid to re-ship your items. In certain cases, orders shipped with SAL parcel or DHL may be charged an additional shipping fee to return the parcel to us. If you have any further concerns, please contact us via, mail or ticket.
Some countries may require customers to pay import fees in order to receive their packages. These fees are paid to your local government and our store unfortunately has no control over them. Please consider any import fees you may be obligated to pay before placing an order at our store. Our store is unable to undervalue shipments or mark them as "Gift" to avoid customs fees.
We are unfortunately unable to provide service for items damaged by customers, nor can we act as a middle-man between customers and manufacturers for replacement parts. Please note that manufacturers cannot provide support for international customers.
Orders may not be transferred. Any attempt to do so may result in all orders being canceled and/or permanent closure of all involved accounts.
We send our notification emails to the email address registered in your account. You may be not receiving our emails due to your email being detected as a spam your email provider blocking our email domain ( If you do not receive any notification emails such as the automatic order acknowledgment email after placing an order, please check your Spam folder and/or contact your email provider. Please make sure that you can receive emails from our domain.
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